Returns Policy

Warranties and Returns:

Subject to these terms, all goods carry an implied warranty in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 ("CPA") which forthwith gives the consumer the right to return unsafe and defective goods, subject to submission of the original receipt, in terms of the CPA. Notwithstanding, the CPA implied warranty, most of our goods also carry a manufacturer's warranty where applicable, which will run concurrently with any warranty in terms of the law.

The implied warranty on goods supplied places an obligation on Outkast Gear & Apparel to accept the return of unsafe or defective goods, subject to submission of the original receipt, within six months of delivery, in the event of the goods not complying with requirements and standards contemplated in section 55 of the CPA. Furthermore, the consumer has a right to return goods to Outkast Gear & Apparel if:
  • - The consumer finds, within seven days of delivery, that the goods are unsuitable for a particular purpose for which the consumer has expressed intention to use the goods.
  • - The consumer did not have a chance to examine the goods and rejected delivery of the goods for any reasons.
  • - The consumer has refused delivery of any of those goods, because they were mixed with items that were not ordered.

Under no circumstances will we accept returned goods where the consumer has been afforded the opportunity to inspect the goods prior to the purchase or acceptance of a delivery, the goods have been damaged due to the customer’s negligence, the goods have been disassembled, permanently installed, physically altered, used or installed contrary to our or the manufacturer’s instructions and/or have been subjected to misuse or abuse.

We sell goods for domestic purposes only and for the purpose for which they were manufactured. Normal wear and tear will also be excluded. If you want to return alleged defective goods in terms of a warranty, we or the manufacturer will assess the goods to determine the reason for the defect in the goods. Such assessments could take in excess of 21 Days

We will consider and deal with all other returns in terms of applicable law, the manufacturer's warranty and our Return Policy. All refunds are less any charges permissible in terms of the law, which included but is not limited to the delivery and or installation charges, If you are entitled in law to return goods to us for any reason, the law in certain instances allows us to charge for the use of the goods and to be able to restock the goods.

Due to the nature of the goods, ie custom branded items, we cannot accept the return of such items, except if the the goods were incorrectly supplied or damaged.

Should you require more information on our products that is not displayed on the website, please direct your request to

Standard Terms & Conditions of Official Outkast Gear & Apparel manufactured goods:

Unless specified in writing along with your product purchased directly from Outkast Gear & Apparel all Outkast Gear & Apparel manufactured goods carry absolutely no additional manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee agreement and only the mandatory CPA implied warranty will be honored.


It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the product(s) are returned to Outkast Gear & Apparel within 72hours (weekdays only) from time of booking confirmation being received. Customer is to ensure that the goods are properly packaged as not to sustain damages whilst in transit. Repairs may exceed 21days from the day of goods being delivered to Outkast Gear & Apparel dependent on stock levels. Any abuse, tampering, incorrect installations, mismatching and damage due to natural disasters will not be covered under the above warranties.

If your product is not repairable (and if covered by the warranty) your product will be replaced by a similar product/ model. Before we start any repair work for out of warranty returns, you will be charged with an upfront payment of R 450.00 as a deposit. You will be charged this fee should you advise us that we should not proceed with the repair work. In the event that you give us approval to proceed with the repair work, the aforementioned R 450.00 will be waived (subject to section 15 of the CPA). If you do not collect the repaired goods within 2 months after we have notified you that it is ready for collection, we may sell the goods to defray costs.


Refunds are deposited directly into your bank account. This process may take between ten (10) and thirty (30) days. Refunds processing time frame will only be commenced from time of goods received.